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Goltermann, Louis Heinrich Friedrich

The following is from the Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 5, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: 13 Nov, 1998, Internal Ref. #

Born: October 29, 1871, Section 15, York Township, DuPage County, Illinois;
Died: May 22, 1939.
Baptism: 26 November 1871, Trinity Lutheran, York Center, Illinois
Baptismal sponsors: Friedrich Ahrens, Heinrich Meyer, Louis Hoeltje
Burial: May 1939, Concordia, Forest Park, Cook County, Illinois
Confirmation: 18 April 1886, Trinity Lutheran, York Center, Illinois
Occupation: Grocery and General Store, Madison & Harlem, Forest Park, Illinois
Residence: 1896, Oak Park, Illinois at time of marriage

The following is from the "The Village of Harlem: Its People, Homes and Business 50th Anniversary Souvenir 1856 to 1906"

"The Village of Harlem is noted for its engineering and up-to-date young merchants, whish is one of the reasons for its present rapid progress.  One of the foremost among these is Mr.  L. H. Goltermann, who was born and raised on a farm near York Center in DuPage County, Illinois.  He was born in 1871, and left the farm in 1890, coming to Harlem, where he became a clerk for C. J. Gotch in a grocery and market.  He worked at this place four years, then moved to Elmhurst, Illinois, and had formed a partnership with his brother William in a general store.  He sold out to his brother and in 1896 moved to Oak Park, where he entered the employ of E. J. Gotch in the grocery business.  In 1900 he returned to Harlem where he and his brother, E. J. Goltermann, bought out his former employer, Mr. C. J. Gotch.  This partnership lasted three years, when his brother died and Mr. L. H. Goltermann became the sole owner.

"Mr. Goltermann's present store at 133 Madison Street is most modern in equipment, and is stocked with a very large and fine assortment of fancy and staple groceries, bakery goods, crockery, flour and feed.  His numerous patrons consist of the best people of the village, and for six days in the week his is a very busy store.

"Mr. Goltermann was in 1896 to Miss Johanna Rohde of Oak Lawn, Illinois, a most valuable helpmate.  They have five children -- Lilly, Gertrude, Paul George and Margaret."

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