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Heinrich Meyer, born Braise, Neinburg, Hanover, Germany in 1842 came to America in 1851, to live and work on a relatives farm.  This relative was probably his father or uncle, this relative is buried at 22nd and Wolf, the Lutheran grave yard with other members of the Meyer family.  (Henry Meyer 1822-1887).

Heinrich Meyer married Henrietta Schramm January 10, 1871 and had 10 children.  They lived at 710 N. Brainard which is known in the family as the homestead house.  The year this home was built is not known, but a good estimate would be 1860's or earlier.  The oldest family photo with Henry Jr. shown at the age of 3 years and his sisters in their teen's standing on the front porch with parents, was done in 1891.  If all ten children were born in the house is not known, but the first child was born 1871.  This house is still in existence, but has a new address.

Upon the death of Heinrich Meyer in 1917 some of the remaining farm land that had not been sold or gone to become the forest preserve was divided among the children still living here. The homestead house was kept by Louise and Fred Meyer and was a home for many of Heinrich grandchildren and other relatives.  Louise sold the homestead in 1950.

Henry Jr. married Rebecca Bockop in 1916 and lived on the Bockop farm for their first year of marriage.  This farm was located in the area of Plainfield road and Clarendon Hills road which is now Darien, Illinois.  Henry Jr., expecting the birth of his first child, Lester Meyer, decided to come back into LaGrange Park and build on the farm property at what is now 750 N. Brainard.  He dug a foundation and moved by a team of mules a two room structure across the street (a cow path at this time) and placed it over the foundation.  Little is known about this "shack" as it has always been referred to by the family, but Henry Jr. always felt 750 N. Brainard was the oldest house in the area because of this shack.

Other Meyer children to build on the farm were:

Emma at Waiola and Harding

Amanda at 700 N. Brainard

Elmer at 722 N. Brainard

Bill at 740 N. Brainard

Henry Jr. at 750 N. Brainard

Martha at 700 block of Brainard also

750 N. Brainard is now occupied by Kathy MacKenzie the Great Great Granddaughter to Henry Meyer (1822-1887).  I guess you could say the Meyer's are still on the 700 block of N. Brainard.  There are still several Meyer descendants in the area.

 The foot bridge to the Meyer picnic grove was 800 N. Brainard. 

 HENRY MEYER - Germany - born 1822-1887

     HEINRICH MEYER - Germany - born 1842-1917

             HEINRIETTA MEYER (SCHRAMM) - Married January 1871

             to Heinrich Meyer 


Sophie Meyer - 1871-1887

Martha  Meyer (Meine) - 1873-1947

Emma Meyer (Ullrick) - 1875-1955…this could be Ulrich

Fred Meyer - 1876-1937

Louise Meyer - 1878-1971

Herman Meyer - 1880- ????

Amanda Meyer - 1882-1945

Bill Meyer - 1886-1940

Heinrich Meyer Jr. - 1888-1967

Elsie Meyer (Horton) - 1891-1947

Elmer Meyer - 1893-1975 

This article came from the files at the LaGrange Historical Society, LaGrange, Illinois

Last Modified:  01/17/2004